May 14 and 15, 2018
6:30 – 10:00 pm
West Allis Central High School
8516 W. Lincoln Avenue

The auditions will be held in the cafeteria – please follow the signs.
Show dates are July 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29.
The Sunday dates are matinees.

A large cast (including children ages 8 – 14) is needed for thisTony award-winning musical. There will be a number of feature parts/scenes. Please be somewhat familiar with this show before auditioning. PLEASE NOTE: The part of CHE has been cast but auditions will be held for ALL other roles. Children’s auditions will be held first each night and will consist of an easy singing audition (“Happy Birthday” is fine). Children over 15 will be considered for adult roles and chorus. Written parental consent on the audition form is required for all children under 18.

Please read this entire audition notice for specifics of the audition, rehearsal and show process and a breakdown of the cast needed.

These are open auditions; no appointments are needed and actors are asked to be at the audition by 6:30 for general notes on the audition process.

Everyone auditioning must bring sheet music IN THEIR KEY and be prepared to sing 32 bars. An accompanist will be provided. You may be asked back to read on May 16 or there may be reading from the script on the night of auditions. You are only required to audition on one of the nights. If you do return to re-audition, you will be allowed to audition again after all new people have been seen. You may attach a photo to audition form but photos will be taken that night.

There will be TWO types of dance auditions (GENERAL and DANCERS), but not every character will require a dance audition. We are looking for 4-6 people to star in the dancing numbers. These people may also be part of the group scenes but may not be cast in a featured part other than the Mistress. There will be a DANCERS’ AUDITION for these parts and if not interested in being in group scenes, these dancers do not have to have a singing audition.

If you have visible body tattoos, it will be your responsibility to cover them with appropriate make-up for each show. If you have facial hair, you may be asked to shave, depending on the character.

Please list ALL conflicts on the audition notice. There must be NO conflicts after July 4.  NO added conflicts will be allowed unless a true emergency exists,  so check your Summerfest ticket dates! This is only fair to the cast and crew!
Cast and crew will be invited to march in the West Allis July 4 parade – held this year on July 2.
Cast is also expected to help with set build and painting in June and set strike on July 30.


Evita: Evita died at age 33 (she admitted to 31) so actress auditioning for this role should appear 20-40 years of age. General dance audition required. Mezzo with strong, almost gritty stage presence. There will also be an Evita double (I’m calling her the stunt Evita) and this will be explained at auditions.

Juan Peron: Flexibility in age but must appear to be older than Evita. Baritone. Strong stage presence. General dance audition required.

Peron’s Mistress: Age appearing: 16- 25. Soprano – voice range to E. One great song. This actress may appear in crowd scenes. No dance audition required. May be a featured dancer as well.

Augustin Magaldi: Age appearing 25-50. Tenor and strong stage presence. This actor may appear in crowd scenes or military scenes. General dance audition.

CHILDREN: Boys and girls ages 8 – 14. NO dance audition. Children are expected to behave while at the theater and parents will also be required to work one night of tech week and once during a show to watch the children when not on stage. A short meeting with parents of children cast will be held on May 21.

GENERAL CAST: This includes the people of Argentina, military officers, British aristocracy, etc. NO dance auditions required for these roles. There will be many opportunities for feature moments with these parts!

Costumes: There will be some costumes supplied by the cast and these include all undergarments, shoes, general dresses and men’s wear for town group scenes. These are not expensive and can be found in many closets or resale shops. This will be explained at auditions.

All cast members receiving scripts must pay a deposit of $30 and this will be returned when script turned in with all light pencil markings erased.

General information night for the cast will be MONDAY, MAY 21 and is mandatory for everyone. Measurements will also be taken this night and the rehearsal process will be explained.

If there are any other questions please email director Katherine Beeson at

We are very excited to be bringing this show to the stage
and hope you will join us!!!

For more information contact us at